The Importance of Site Preperation


With 25 years of building experience, the Trentwood team know how important professional preparation and organisation of every building project is. Not doing these two things well can result in project inefficiencies and injuries

In this post we're going to touch on some of the most important preparation and organisation items. Let's get into it!


This subject is often overlooked, whether it’s a small project or a knockdown and rebuild.

Preparing a site properly is essential for every building project as it helps projects run smoothly, efficiently and safely. Placing a high importance on preparation saves time,  money and unnecessary headaches.

Some key examples of preparation are:

Site Security
This gives you peace of mind that the site is secure and safe from theft and injury to third parties.

Parking Arrangements
Ensuring there is enough space for trade vehicles and keeping the neighbours happy is always a good thing. Communication is key.

Organisation of Site Facilities
No facilities will be a negative to your budget in lost time if tradesmen have go down the local surf club or shopping center to use the toilet. The office is a must for site meetings and keeping documentation where it can can be easily viewed as required.

Site storage is another plus, allowing Tools and first aid (an essential) to be be kept on site for efficient use.

Tool Checks
Tools are checked for tagging by a qualified electrician for the workers safety and work cover once the above is in place. 

These are just a few examples of building site preparation tasks. Once these and other asre completed, the project is set up for smooth operation.


Before work begins and all the above has been seen prepared, a program should be put in place of various stages of the project along with all the details of trades and suppliers for convenient contact. Issuing a schedule ]gives everyone involved an understanding and realistic view of time frames and targets prior to build.

Our excavators and operators are usually the first onsite and should be contacted well before the project start date. Deposits for mod cons such as kitchen company, window supplier should all be in place. Roofing, cladding and colours should all be chosen and suppliers informed of when they are likely to be required. 

Over the last 25 years we have built up a team of local trades people who we have good working relationships with. This means they are never too far away once contacted and is one of the key ingredients of the high efficiency of all of our Northern Beaches projects. 

Suppliers of materials are contacted well in advance to stop any delays occurring. Following these procedures will enhance the flow of the project from start to finish.

Have you ever had a building delay because of poor organisation / site preparation? Let us know in the comments.