3 Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home


You may have heard the saying “You’ve got to spend money, to make money” which, when renovating your home, can definitely be true. But for most homes the question becomes, “Is what I’m spending my money on, actually making me money?”

Or you could say, “Are my renovations translating into an increase in my property value?” If you are looking to sell your property, particularly on the Northern Beaches, doing some key renovations does increase your property value.

Typically, television portrays that a lick of paint, mow of the lawns and a new fence is the key to preparing your property for resale. But in the real world, if work is done in a few of the key areas of the home prior to selling, it will significantly increase the value of your property.

I believe these following 3 renovations will add a considerable amount of value to your property:


1. Adding A Bathroom Or Ensuite To Your Home

A new bathroom that includes a shower, possibly a new bath, toilet, vanities (you can get them off the shelf or custom made) and some fresh tiling will add value to your property. A couple of things to look out for is flush floors, quality external corner joints and using large tiles (most popular today) in your bathroom.

Adds value because…

It provides more privacy for parents, gives more space and accessibility to the family. The materials used in a bathroom with a quality finish freshens the house up. Bathrooms can be expensive to renovate, so if already renovated prior to selling, the value of the property immediately goes up.


In a full kitchen renovation, key items to include are:

  • Island benches (particularly popular and in fashion at the moment).
  • Quality "mod cons" is a must for renovating your kitchen as they are always noted by prospective clients.
  • Granite bench tops.
  • A breakfast bar.
  • As much lighting as possible (a skylight, windows and careful lighting keeps things fresh).
  • And an open plan.

Inclusion of these items to your kitchen will provide a great, fresh feel to your kitchen space.

Adds value because…

Renovating a kitchen can be an expensive and difficult process for the prospective buyer. Therefore, if already designed and finished, it is likely to attract more buyers.

The kitchen is a focal point of any house; it plays the role of a meeting point and context for constant family traffic where there are key conversations and face time for the family. I know for my own family, countless holidays have been planned around the kitchen breakfast bar.


3. Adding An Outdoor Area

The key to an effective outdoor renovation is to knock down walls where necessary and install bi-fold doors to create a flow through feel to your home.

Adds value because…

A flow through from indoors to outdoors creates space for a growing family, provides more room for entertainment and gives the family an immediate sense of spacious living. It also provides the opportunity for a 5th room that any family would benefit from. I know for myself, having a flow from inside to outside enables me to clearly see my children running around the backyard so I can be on hand when I need to be.


In undertaking these key renovations prior to selling your property, I believe you’ll see an increase in value and buyer interest, particularly from families looking to purchase their new home. And if you’ve been inspired with ideas for your own home renovations, why not let us know so we can help you increase your property value before you sell!