When should I renovate my house?


If you are planning and looking to renovate, the timing of your renovation is very important. And as much as that timing can be dependent upon a range of circumstances that are unique to every project, there are a few key thoughts to consider that will help give you greater clarity. Timing can truly be the difference between a smooth and satisfying building project or a clunky and challenging one.

Here are 3 thoughts for consideration that will help you discover when it's a good time to renovate your home:


1.)  Weather it’s a good time of year or not

Planning your project around the weather seems to be a small factor in comparison to the bigger concerns of family, job and finances. However, weather can be the biggest cause of prohibiting a project's progression because of how exposed to the elements building commonly is. Choosing a time of year that will provide the most consistent and appropriate weather for building will help guarantee a smooth and satisfying renovation.

At Trentwood, we recommend that any necessary planning and preparation is undertaken in the months prior to spring (September) as this time of year provides the best window for consistently good weather.


2.)  Are you financially sound?

Having the funds to finish your project prior to commencing your project is a very advisable position to get yourself in! Commencing without being financially sound to do so can cause you a lot of headaches and guarantee you a bumpy ride. One of (if not the best) indicator of a good time to start your renovation is when you have the finances you need to be able to complete your renovation. This should include a contingency, as there are always unexpected and unforeseen costs with any renovation.


3.) Are you happy with the plans in place?

We strongly recommend you take the time to plan your project before you start. The countless stories and examples of unnecessary pain and problems  caused by a lack of planning are scary! Especially when renovating your home! A really good way to know when to renovate is to ask yourself “Am I happy with the plans in place?” (This is obviously assuming that you have plans in place, which if you don’t then there's probably a bigger problem.) It is important that you feel happy with what you have planned to do. If you don’t feel a sense of satisfaction and excitement about the plans in place before you start, then you will most definitely be in denial during the process! Make sure you are happy with the plans for your renovation and when you are, this is a great indicator that you should start your renovation.


Assessing these 3 considerations will help you gauge whether you are ready to start your renovation or not. Obviously there are a lot of other factors and circumstances unique to you and your project but checking off these 3 thoughts is definitely a great way to know you're ready. Trentwood is committed to helping you with this process and making sure your renovation meets all your expectations and beyond.

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